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Elevate mundane moments like your daily commute or workout into truly unforgettable experiences.

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Great adaption

Great adaption gives me a proper sense close to what I got when i first read it

Adrian Tether


A business that breaks the corporate mold

Just occasionally you find a business that breaks the corporate mold and operates for all the right reasons. Behear is one of those companies. Quality service, excellence in their production, and genuine care for their staff set them apart. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting audio and recording services.

Martin Rowley


Had a great time

Always had a great time working with these folks

Scott Tempest-Mitchell


Recording with Behear was a wonderful experience through and through

Recording with Behear was a wonderful experience through and through. They were all so lovely and welcoming and I felt calm in the space. The facilities are top-of-the-range and sound epic!

When I come to recording my own book I will definitely come here.

Jote-Prakash Singh


I am truly grateful to Behear for the magical way in which they brought my scripts to life!

I am truly grateful to Behear for the magical way in which they brought my scripts to life! Every actor was perfectly cast in their roles – some marvellously strong voices/characterisations that really came over, many of whom were exactly as I imagined!

Sound effects were used to great effect and gave a true sense of the locations/events – which for a sci-fi show is no easy task! Some wonderful use of music to give a great atmosphere. The episodes were superbly mixed too! A top-notch team – they all have my highest recommendation!

Alex Glover


Brilliant audiobook

Brilliant audiobook, passed the time on the trip to London perfectly



Latest News

Dan Dare Season 1 Now on the Behear App as an Audio Drama

Dan Dare Season One Audio Drama Now Available on Behear Dramatised Audiobooks App

Behear Dramatised Audiobooks, known for its library of captivating audio experiences, is excited to announce the addition of ‘Dan Dare Season One Audio Drama’ to its platform. Fans of classic science fiction can now enjoy this beloved series through the Behear App, where the thrilling space adventures of Dan Dare are brought to life in a dynamic audio format. This addition expands Behear’s diverse collection, offering listeners a chance to delve into the timeless tales of one of Britain’s most iconic comic heroes.

The Dan Dare audio drama series, featuring a full cast, elaborate sound design, and engaging storytelling, captures the essence of the original comic series. While the audio drama itself is not a new production, its availability on the Behear platform makes it accessible to a wider audience of audiobook enthusiasts. This dramatised version of Dan Dare’s interstellar missions offers a unique listening experience, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the story’s richly constructed universe, complete with the drama and intensity that characterise Dan Dare’s adventures.

With the introduction of ‘Dan Dare Season One’ to the Behear App, Behear Dramatised Audiobooks continues to cater to its audience’s diverse tastes, ranging from classic literature to modern fiction. This latest offering underscores the platform’s commitment to delivering high-quality audio entertainment and broadening its range of genres to include something for every audiobook listener. Dan Dare’s fans are invited to revisit their favourite space hero’s adventures, while new listeners have the opportunity to discover this enduring series in a compelling audio format.

Behear at the The Audio Production Awards 2023

The Audio Production Awards 2023

The APAs is about recognising the highest standards in audio production. It’s where we shine a well-deserved light on the individuals and teams behind the standout shows of the last 12 months. It’s where we recognise the audio productions which distinguish themselves in terms of creativity, production standards, technical accomplishment and ambition – the shows which set the agenda and lead the way in form and content. It’s where we celebrate the best of our industry.

We were excited to be nominated for the awards this year, in our first full year and attended the awards ceremony. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the category but were mentioned and got to the last 6. A huge achievement.

An excellent evening. Perhaps next year we will get a trophy.


Behear Partners with Authors Republic to Expand Dramatised Audiobook Reach

Award-winning dramatised audiobook producer Behear and leading audiobook distributor Authors Republic has announced a strategic partnership. 
The collaboration aims to combine Behear’s unique, episodic audiobooks with Authors Republic’s extensive distribution network, which reaches over 50 retail channels, library platforms, and music streaming services, reaching millions of listeners
What it means
Authors who create a dramatised story with us will now get a massive distribution channel and reach multiple millions of listeners.
For listeners on our App, it means you get access to thousands of dramatised stories from all over the globe.

Behear Audiobooks Expands to Apollo Pods in the USA

We’re thrilled to announce that on Monday, 14th August, Behear will be launching three of our dramatised audiobooks on Apollo Pods for our US audience. “Blood Roots“, “The Cosmic Footlights“, and “The Lightwatch Chronicles” will be available for listeners across the pond, bringing our unique storytelling experience to a wider audience.

But that’s not all! In our commitment to continually enrich the Behear app for our users, we’ve signed a content-sharing agreement with Apollo Pods. This means that in addition to sharing our content with them, we’ll also be bringing some of Apollo Pods’ exceptional audiobook content to our platform. It’s an exciting time for audiobook enthusiasts everywhere!

The Cosmic Footlights - Episodes 8 & 9 Out Now

Brace yourself for an epic adventure across the galaxy with a dedicated troupe of performers, fervently striving to keep the spirit of theatre alive in a universe saturated with reality shows.

  • In Episode 8, join the troupe in an intimate meeting where each member, including the flamboyant Prince Randall, takes centre stage.

  • Episode 9 ramps up the excitement as the troupe, pursued by the menacing Greenwalk and the cyborg Fendris, set off for a show. In a thrilling turn of events, they find unlikely saviours in the form of the sages.

Behear Audiobooks Partners with Apollo Pods: Coming Soon to an Audio Drama Platform Near You!

Exciting news!

Behear Audiobooks has recently signed a contract with Apollo Pods, a premier US-based audio drama platform. Three of our captivating titles will soon be airing on their platform.

Stay tuned for the launch in the coming weeks! Check out Apollo Pods at

Melodramatic - by Megan Parkinson. Exclusively on the Behear App! Launches 1st Week of August 2023

Big News! Game of Thrones’ Megan Parkinson teams up with Behear Audiobooks for an exclusive launch of “Melodramatic” on the Behear app in the first week of August. Get ready to dive into the glitz and glam of showbiz as Mel takes you on a candid and hilarious journey through fame’s flashing lights. Pre-order the print version now!

The artwork for Megan’s new book Melodramatic was designed by the wonderful and massively talented: @kaylacoombs

Father Of Storms

Available Now

Seth had a normal upbringing. Garrett, his father, wanted him to be a fighter too. He believed Mercia needed more strong fighters to protect the realm, and his son would become the strongest.
His talents went beyond fighting. Mae, a Spae worker, notices the boy’s energy control skill, which will change his life.
Seth is imprisoned 1200 years later. He only knows his kidnappers say his family is dead. Something’s wrong—he can’t recall who he is.
Mara spirits, his companions for millennia, help him control his skills. They want to awaken Seth by showing him his life in his nightmares. They will watch as damnation rains down on those who stole their master.
Seth has fought many wars, but this last one matters most. This time, the battlefield is his mind, not swords or spears.
Episode 3: Seth is questioned and begins to doubt everything he knows. Marcy and Hope plan to help him.

Melodramatic - by Megan Parkinson. Available on the 1st August

Game of Thrones Megan Parkinson and Behear Audiobooks have worked together on directing and producing an audiobook version of Melodramatic to be released on Amazons Audible within days of the book release.

The glitz and glam of showbiz isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As a 26-year-old actor living in London, Mel would know.

After years of wasting time at fruitless auditions, dealing with constant rejection and batting off back-handed compliments, Mel’s starting to reach the end of her tether with it all. That’s until she lands a semi-substantial role in a hit movie alongside superstar heart-throb, Jack Hart.

Told in a series of diary entries in which Mel muses on everything from booty calls and all-butter croissants to grief and family bonds, Melodramatic is a candid look at the mess of wires behind those big flashing lights of fame — wonderfully witty, refreshingly honest and, ultimately, hilarious.

The artwork for Megan’s new book Melodramatic was designed by the wonderful and massively talented: @kaylacoombs

Behear Take To TikTok!

With Guest Appearances From Megan Parkinson!

Stay up to date with Behear news and all that is upcoming in the dramatised audiobook world!
And there are special guests appearing!

New Radio Drama Coming Soon!

Through Time and The Stars” by Jai Kobayaashi Gomer and Meghan Dargue

In Victorian London, a young street urchin steals a time machine by accident, causing a chaotic disruption of the Future.
Daisy finds herself in a scary universe filled with sentient spaceships, romantic extraterrestrials, and dangerous enemies.
To save her younger sibling, she must fight for her survival and return home before it’s too late.
Oh. And then there’s Dave.
“Through Time & The Stars” is a screenplay format that covers the first six episodes of series one.

RNIB Connect Radio Behear Interview

RNIB Connect Radio’s Barry Snell chats with Colin & Amy Sinclair

RNIB Connect Radio’s Barry Snell chats to Colin Sinclair from Behear Audio and his daughter Amy, about their exciting audiobook service, which features dramatised stories and boasts of being like Netflix without the pictures.

They were inspired to set up Behear after Amy was involved in a road accident which resulted in sight loss.

Behear win bronze award at York Mix Awards

The first-ever YorkMix Choice Awards were held on Friday 19th May.

On a thoroughly enjoyable evening, the brightest new businesses in the York area got together at the Principal Hotel for the awards ceremony.

Behear are proud to have won the Bronze Award for best new business. Thank you to York Mix, all who voted for us and congratulations to all the winners.


Blood Roots, the dramatised series from Behear launches on

Behear and YorkMix Radio have come together to bring you some new and exciting audio dramas, and the first to launch is Blood Roots.

Blood Roots is the story of Andi Carmichael an ex-MI5 agent and investigator.

After receiving a call from her old boss about the discovery of a dead girl, Andi recruits the help of her friend Jules. Together they discover a connection to a US-based Tech Company and rumours of sect-like occurrences.

What they find will take years to undo and with the help of the Essaria, linked to the royal family, they will win. Or will they?

Each week on a Sunday morning at 8:40 am YorkMix will broadcast a brand new episode of Blood Roots. You can catch the first episode of Blood Roots here.

The Choice by Dean Jones - New Audiobook OUT NOW

Waking up somewhere you don’t remember is confusing. Discovering you have an intimate understanding of six strangers is unnerving. Finding out you have the power to change the world is mind-blowing! Get ready to be challenged mentally, philosophically, and ethically.

The world is a mess. There’s a climate crisis, widespread poverty, war, and increased crime, but who is going to do something about it?

Alan Didsbury finds he is the one given the role of fixing the world’s ills. There’s a catch, though. He can only choose one thing to change. What will he choose?


Behear interview on The Leeds TV

When Amy Mackie-Sinclair lost her sight, her inability to read led to the creation of ‘Behear’: a venture which takes books and gives each character a unique voice before being released as an audiobook.

Stillingfleet mum, blinded after A19 crash in audio book firm success

A WOMAN who was left blind after a horrific car crash is now running a successful family audiobook business with the help of  1980s chart-topper John Parr.

Back on April 6 2016, Amy Mackie-Sinclair was driving her 18-month-old son, Alfie, to nursery in her black Mini when she was involved in a freak accident on the A19 at Escrick.

A rock about the size of a human head came off a lorry, smashed through Amy’s windscreen and hit her in the face.

Behear, York Mix New Business Award Finalist

Behear have made it through to the finals of the  York Mix Choice”New Business Award”
Please vote for us again.