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Brilliant surroundings and superb production

We are a recording studio close to York. We cover everything from epic original tracks to Voiceovers, podcasting, rehearsals And even creating birthday single surprises.

Recording studios allow aspiring musicians, podcasters, voiceover artists and more to take their recordings to the next level.

Working in a professional recording studio can help you capture high-quality audio and create a polished finished product. We cover everything from original epic tracks to voiceovers, podcasting, rehearsals and even creating single birthday surprises.

Learn more about what features to look for when choosing a recording studio and how they can help you make your music sound its best.


The Recording Studio

Our studio is perfect for small bands, solo artists, acoustic groups and companies that want to record podcasts or create some audio.

Opening times are Monday to Friday 9 am to whatever is needed.
Call us on 07966932407 or drop us a line at

Professional Sound Quality

Professional recording studios come with equipment designed to capture the highest possible audio quality.

From top-of-the-line microphones and mixing consoles to sound isolation and acoustic treatment, these studios can provide a space where you can give your audio recordings a truly professional polish.

With access to professional sound engineers who understand the ins and outs of audio engineering, you can have confidence that every note will be captured perfectly.

Access to Professional Equipment

If you’re serious about taking your audio production to the next level, you need access to professional equipment.

A professional recording studio provides just that, with top-of-the-line microphones, mixing consoles, outboard gear and professional audio engineers who can ensure that every element of your music is captured with precision and accuracy.

This can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your recordings and helps to bring out the best in every track.

Flexible Recording Space

Professional recording studios provide a comfortable, ergonomically designed space that ensures you can focus on creating music without distractions.

The studios feature rooms optimized for different purposes, to accommodate any type of project. Whether you need a vocal booth or are tracking live drums, you’ll be able to achieve the sound you desire with ease.

Expertise and Advice from Professionals

Working in a professional recording studio means that you’ll not only get access to the latest musical equipment and technology, but you’ll also receive expert advice on how to get the most out of your production.

Experienced engineers can guide you on everything from microphone placement and signal routing to sound mixing and mastering. With their help, you’ll be able to craft a top-quality project that you’re proud of!

Avoid the Hassles of Home Recording Studios

Professional recording studios provide the perfect environment for getting the best out of your musical ideas.

Unlike home studios, professional spaces are designed to be free from distractions like family members and external noise so that artists can focus on producing quality audio. They also offer access to high-end equipment, soundproofed acoustics, and a dedicated staff to help streamline your production process.

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A wonderful experience through and through

Recording with Behear was a wonderful experience through and through. They were all so lovely and welcoming and I felt calm in the space. The facilities are top-of-the-range and sound epic!

When I come to recording my own book I will definitely come here.

Jote-Prakash Singh


The space is incredible

Had two great sessions in the Behear studio last week, recording a part in an audiobook.

The space is incredible and Colin and Theo were so friendly, helpful and welcoming. Excellent experience and looking forward to going back!

Alex Schofield


Had a great time recording for Behear

“Had a great time reading for Behear. The facilities are great and Colin and Theo are welcoming and a delight to work with. Would happily go back.

A great setup for musicians and voice artists alike.”

Iain Harvey


I had a great time recording at the Behear studio

I’m a professional actor based in Yorkshire and I had a great time recording at the Behear studio.

They were very welcoming and helpful. The studio itself is of a high standard and there is evidently a great deal of professionalism in how it is run. But it also has a warm and relaxed atmosphere, which helps creativity.”

Thomas Jennings


The setup is very professional and the audio quality reflects this

I had a really great time recording a part in an audiobook with Behear, the setup is very professional and the audio quality reflects this – I have spread the word to my other voice actor friends.

Thank you for such a fun afternoon!

Thomas Jennings


I had a fantastic time at the studio for Behear

“I had a fantastic time at the studio for Behear. Colin Sinclair and Theo were both extremely welcoming and a lot of fun to work with.

Having a book sent out to me with pronunciations was extremely useful for prep before the recording session.
They offered direction throughout the session when asked and made sure I was well stocked up with water.
I hope we get to work together again in the future!”

Steven Jobson


Theo and Colin are great and the book I was reading is great!

Tonight was my third recording session for Behear and so enjoyable. Theo and Colin are great and the book I was reading is great!

It’s so great to bring a character to life! Thanks for the opportunity guys

Clare Meadley


Will definitely use it again

Just used the studio this week for the first time to hold two consultations with my patients. Loved the space. Modern, well appointed and really great customer service.

Will definitely use it again.

Adele York


The work they produce is top-notch

It was an absolute pleasure working with Behear! Professional, but relaxed. Perfect for my first time performing professionally.

The work they produce is top-notch.

Ethan Bateman