Father Of Storms

A Dean Jones story
as a dramatised audiobook



  • Fantasy
  • Adventure


  • 12 Episodes at £2.99 each



About The Book

Father Of Storms, The Dramatised Audiobook

Seth was born into an ordinary life. His father, Garrett, had high hopes of him becoming a warrior just like him. Mercia needed more strong fighters to keep the kingdom safe, in his opinion and his son would grow to become the greatest ever known.

The ability to fight was not the only skill he was blessed with. Mae, the local Spae worker spots something special in the young boy that will shape the path of his life, the ability to control energy.

Over 1200 years later, Seth finds himself a prisoner in a place he doesn’t recognise. All he knows is that his captors are telling him that his family are dead. Something doesn’t make sense; he can’t remember who he truly is.

Trying to help him gain control of his abilities are the Mara, spirits who have spent a millennium as his companions.

Their plan is to show Seth his life through dreams, during periods of unconsciousness, to reawaken the only man they fear. Then they will watch as hell is brought down on those who were foolish enough to take their master from them.

Through the years Seth has fought many battles, but this last fight is the most important. Unlike the others, there are no swords or spears, this time the battlefield is in his mind.

Discover how the Father Of Storms story unfolds


Excellent Production

Behear has been excellent in producing the dramatised version of my book “Father of Storms”.

Their dedication to the art of bringing stories to life through different actors and atmospheric effects is a breath of fresh air to the audiobook market.

In the past, only the BBC produced this type of media, but with Behear it is now available to all authors, even independent ones like myself. I highly recommend their service. When you trust Behear with your books, you won’t be disappointed with the results!

Dean Jones


Great opening chapter

Great opening chapter! Loved the atmosphere! A great start to the story and can’t wait to hear more



Brilliant production

Brilliant atmosphere and characters.

Brought the first part of this story to life.

Can’t wait for the next episode. Brilliant production.



Diverse range of excellent voice actors

Strong opening two chapters, with a compelling narrator and a diverse range of excellent voice actors!

The music in the first chapter adds particular poignance and the background sound effects add to the richness of the story..”



About the author

Dean Jones 

Dean is originally from Barrow-in-Furness, in the North-West of England. He has had a love of writing since he was 12 years old following an exercise at school where he was asked to write a poem about a stream, which ran through Eskdale in Cumbria, during a class trip. The work brought a large amount of praise (always good for a young boy) which sparked the creative fires that still burn today.

Dean likes to write tales that provoke thought and contain emotional elements to lift the heart.

His first novel, Father of Storms, took seven years to complete but once he finished, he couldn’t wait to write more.

Now living in Cheshire with his wife and their blended family of six children, Dean continues to write as much as he can. He hopes that readers take as much pleasure from reading his stories as he did in writing them.

The cast


Colin Sinclair


David Archer


Andrew Isherwood


Naomi Halliday

The Mara 1

Esther Irving

The Mara 2

Georgia Green


Sandy Nicholson



Angela Milburn




Alexandra Mather

Marcy, Sarah

Penny Scott Andrews


Kevin Davids


Andy Cresswell


Kevin Davids

Dr Garrett


Frankie Hayes



Matthew Clarke

Agent Harvey

Chris Hagyard
aka Chris Jay

King Aethelbald

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