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About The Book

Dan Dare – Season 1, The Audio Drama

Brilliant test pilot, Dan Dare, is chosen to fly the Anastasia – a new experimental spacecraft – on its maiden voyage to Venus. This isn’t exploration – it is to make first contact with a mysterious civilisation that has sent technological secrets as a goodwill gesture. However, what Dan, Digby and Professor Peabody find on Venus isn’t goodwill, but a terrifyingly intelligent, cold-hearted ruler, the Mekon. A creature destined to become Dan Dare’s nemesis – and Earth’s greatest threat…

Production Credits

Lead Writers Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle

The Re “Voyage to Venus”; James Swallow “The Red Moon Mystery”; Marc Platt “Marooned on Mercury”; Patrick Chapman “Operation Saturn”;
Colin Brake “Prisoners of Space”

Original Music Imran Ahmad
Sound Design & Post Production Alistair Lock and Wilfredo Acosta
Development Executive Patrick Chapman
Series Script Editor Colin Brake
Casting Director Matt Western
Associate Producer Fiona McAlpine
Executive Producer Colin Frewin
Producer/Director Andrew Mark Sewell

Listen to a sample of Dan Dare

by Rev Marcus Morris and Frank Hampson


About the author

Rev Marcus Morris And Frank Hampson

Additional Authors: Richard Kurti, Bev Doyle, Colin Brake, Patrick Chapman, Simon Guerrier, Marc Platt, James Swallow.

Rev Marcus Morris and Frank Hampson were pivotal figures in the landscape of British comics, particularly noted for their collaboration on the iconic comic strip “Dan Dare”.

Marcus Morris, an Anglican vicar, was an innovative and forward-thinking individual. He harboured a strong belief in the potential of comics as a medium for positive influence among the youth. Disillusioned by the American comic strips prevalent in the UK during the 1940s, which he deemed overly violent and unsuitable, Morris envisioned a publication that would embody both entertainment and moral values. This vision led to the birth of “Eagle” in 1950, a groundbreaking comic magazine that would become a staple in British youth culture.

Frank Hampson, an exceptionally talented artist, was the creative genius behind “Dan Dare”, the flagship strip of “Eagle”. Hampson’s work was revolutionary for its time, known for its meticulous attention to detail, vivid colours, and a sense of realism that was uncommon in science fiction of that era. “Dan Dare” wasn’t just a comic strip; it was a richly imagined world that captivated the imagination of its audience, transporting them to the far reaches of space and future. Hampson’s ability to blend scientific plausibility with imaginative storytelling made “Dan Dare” an enduring classic, influencing generations of artists and science fiction enthusiasts.


The cast

Ed Stoppard - Dan Dare

Ed Stoppard

Dan Dare

Geoff McGivern - Digby

Geoff McGivern


Heida Reed - Professor Peabody

Heida Reed

Professor Peabody

Raad Rawi - Mekon

Raad Rawi


Bijan Daneshmand- Sondar

Bijan Daneshmand


Michael Cochrane- Sir Hubert

Michael Cochrane

Sir Hubert

Noof McEwan-Flamer Spry

Noof McEwan

Flamer Spry

Nicholas Briggs - Garlock

Nicholas Briggs


Jonathan Rhodes-Blasco

Jonathan Rhodes


Produced to celebrate the launch of the new audio adventures from B7 Media, this mini-documentary takes a detailed look at one of Britain’s most celebrated comic book creations, Dan Dare.

From his first adventures in the Eagle, through reboots and reimagining, to adventures on television and radio, Dan Dare has adapted to his times, but always captivated audiences young and old. Narrated by Geoffrey McGivern Produced by Andrew Mark Sewell Directed by Daniel Fox for Chat Noir Productions Ltd. Widescreen Audio

Audio movies. Are we living in a more audio world? Is audio the way ahead to pioneer new ways of storytelling?

The cast and crew of the Dan Dare Audio Adventures discuss the benefits and challenges of creating audio dramas. Were You Aware of Dan Dare?

The cast and crew of B7 Media’s Dan Dare audio dramas reflect on their personal connection with the UK’s most famous space hero.

Is the Mekon Misunderstood

Produced to celebrate the launch of the new audio adventures from B7 Media, “Is the Mekon Misunderstood?” takes a fun look at Dan Dare’s arch nemesis, The Mekon.

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