In The Company Of Harry.

BY Stuart Morris
Designed to accompany readers through hard times and guide them to the light, this book offers comfort and wisdom wherever you go.

In the Company of Harry is perfect for anyone who wants to practice healing and create a life of emotional well-being.

With profound and insightful quotes to meditate on, as well as a wealth of heartfelt advice from the voice Stuart knows as Harry, this book explores the world of spiritual healing and self-discovery that anyone can harness to reach inner peace and harmony



The Health & Wellbeing Audiobook that offers comfort and wisdom wherever you go.

About the author – Stuart Morris

Stuart Morris is a long-standing, holistic practitioner. Over 28 years ago, using natural therapies, He won his battle with cancer. Ever since he’s been motivated to help heal and empower others.

Stuart is:

    • Member of the College of Medicine
    • Member of Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary – listed as a healer
    • Member of The Guild of Therapy Lecturers – Associate Member
    • Member of The British Association of Hypnotherapy BA Hyp
    • Member of the Complimentary Medical Association CMA
    • Member of The International Centre for Clinical Excellence ICCE
    • Member of the International Institute
    • Holistic Therapist, IIHHT Dip
    • EFT cc

He has written a number of books around his interaction with Harry. And tells the story of his interactions and learning from this entity.

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by By Stuart Morris


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Lynne Jennings

Stuart has been a total inspiration and teacher to me over the years. He is a wonderful healer! Stuart helped me when I was lost many years ago, he guided me to find my way. His story totally resonates with me and is powerful and moving. The wisdom and teaching he shares from Harry will be a close companion throughout my life. Thank you, Stuart

Theo Mackie-Sinclair

Having spent most of the year reading spiritual and self-help material, this book fits perfectly within my beliefs and resonated deeply with me. Excellent book!


An excellent book which will definitely make you happier. Enjoy discovery!