The Light Watch Chronicles

The sci-fi adventure
as a dramatised audiobook


  • Sci-Fi
  • Adventure


  • 18 Episodes at £2.99 each



About The Book

The Light Watch Chronicles

“Those who have awakened the Light within are Stars—the silent warriors who turn their mind into a weapon against darkness. They take the hardest Path, so others can know peace.” – From the Prologue

In a fantastically creative fusion of space opera, the Golden Age Elysium, and Earth-bound cyberpunk settings, four young warriors called the Quarta begin their journey in a Special Forces military academy. Yet after the terrifying surprise attack of the Shadow demons that destroyed their homeworld, the scattered Quarta are forced to flee to Earth and the seeming safety of Tokyo, Japan. Here, the remaining three comrades blend into society as an undercover boy band, while mounting a desperate search for their missing battle-brother.

Meanwhile, a galactic war rages throughout the Universe, as the Shadow’s forces seek to rewrite history and take over the world by closing the Gate of Time Past. Only the Great Star Antares, the current Guardian of the Gate and her formidable soulmate Vega have the power to thwart the Shadow’s imminent storm. The problem is… Vega’s memory has been erased by the enemy. Will Antares find Vega before it’s too late, and what role will the Quarta play in the imminent battle that will weigh the fate of the Universe? You will be surprised to discover the answer.

The Guardians is the epic first volume of the action-packed and spiritually rewarding Lightwatch Chronicles YA Space Saga series. Immerse yourself into the mesmerising fast-paced plot and step into the unforgettable world living the story and the adventures side by side with the characters. Author J.H. Tepley draws on her personal experience as a meditation, personal development and mental fitness mentor to create vibrant, fascinating and nuanced personalities, allowing the reader to look deeper into their own mind as they discover the unique and complex motivations of the heroes.

This visionary book may shatter your view of reality – and offer a greater one!

“The Lightwatch Chronicles book is reminiscent of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, in its linking fantasy and ethereal mystery with the human psyche, finding our path, and our constant struggle to grasp and understand our own emotions… but with its own unique flair. I loved every bit of it.” – Reader’s Revie

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Very Interesting Premise

Fantasy is my preferred genre to read. I like being transported into new worlds with different rules, societies, systems and laws. Elji certainly fulfils that purpose and then some more.

For a fantasy book, this one is fairly short and to the point. It is very fast paced — unfortunately, too fast paced at certain points when it needed to slow down and let us get to know the characters a bit more. However, it makes up for that with interesting characters, worlds and story! The action scenes were well done as well.

Ehab Ahmed


Elji Saga

Sci Fi is certainly not my normal read, but strangely thoroughly enjoyed. Colin’s imagination, allied with his excellent use of vocabulary, ensures this to be an interesting, thought-provoking read.

It draws oneself into utilising one’s own thought processes, allowing one to fully appreciate the ins and outs of the saga.
For me also, I can see connections with some of today’s, how shall I say, conspiracy theorists, who believe, that our world, is in some way manipulated by major unseen forces, that influence / control world politics and events.

Anne Joyner


Excellent storytelling with an enlightening undertow

I really enjoyed this book, not just for the character development, mental imagery, the engaging storyline but also because here is a book with a deeper meaning.

Yes you can read this book as a fantasy novel, and it is a very pleasurable read to do so, the characters are strong and believable, and there is a good plot which leads itself to further development, a sequel, a trilogy, who knows, but there is something much much more which the writer is trying to convey, something very much in tune with the way you may or may not choose to live your life, a deeper meaning of life and the universe itself.

An excellent read.

Fisher Cooper


An epic saga that has so many twists and turns!

Wow! So much going on in this book. The characters have been written with intricate detail and so much history to them. This first book gives you just an enticing entrance into these fantasy worlds and people, which have many elements of reality to them.

An absolute must read and I cannot wait for the next story to be released. Highly recommend

S. Mccloud


Newbie to sci-fi reading.

Usually I don’t read sci-fi, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting my teeth into Elji and his pursuits for harmony and universal peace.

There are lots of messages for us to take on board for a better world. I finished it soon as I couldn’t leave Elji alone. I was immersed in his world and story and often stopped to have a bit of a ponder.

Now I am now wondering what will become of those two as – yet – to – be- born babies? Mr Sinclair, congratulations on your first part of this saga. I look forward in anticipation for the next. xxxx

Honey Bee