A Megan Parkinson Book – A candid and hilarious journey through showbiz glitz and glam

From Megan Parkinson, the talented English actor renowned for portraying Sam Murgatroyd in Ackley Bridge.

Hailing from West Yorkshire, she embarked on her acting journey at 18, relocating to London to chase her dreams.

Megan honed her skills with the National Youth Theatre Rep Company and joined Independent Talent Group Ltd. Her impressive credits include Game of Thrones, C.B. Strike, and Harlots.

Melodramatic is Megans first novel.

The Fun Sci-Fi Audiobook, The Cosmic Footlights

The artwork for Megan’s new book Melodramatic was designed by the wonderful and massively talented: @kaylacoombs

More than 7 hours of totally brilliant narration.

Told in a series of diary entries in which Mel muses on everything from booty calls and all-butter croissants to grief and family bonds, Melodramatic is a candid look at the mess of wires behind those big flashing lights of fame — wonderfully witty, refreshingly honest and, ultimately, hilarious

“Dad always said, ‘Bad experiences make life interesting’.
I’m tired of an interesting life. I’d like a dull one from now on, please.

The glitz and glam of showbiz isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As a 26-year-old actor living in London, Mel would know.

After years of wasting time at fruitless auditions, dealing with constant rejection and batting off back-handed compliments, Mel’s starting to reach the end of her tether with it all. That’s until she lands a semi-substantial role in a hit movie alongside superstar heart-throb, Jack Hart.

Jack is super confident, super handsome and, on face value, super arrogant — everything Mel can’t stand. But when Mel gets the opportunity to break industry protocol and get to know the person behind the pretty face, she soon realises that even the most famous and successful actors have their problems..”

Listen to a sample of Melodramatic

by By Megan Parkinson

Melodramatic by Megan Parkinson