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Want to be part of something special but not sure how?
We can help you bring your dream to life. Contact us now.
We will consult, imagine and input our production knowledge into the creation of something magical. We will love your story and breathe life into it as if it were our own.

We understand the importance of being in control of your hard work and maximising the revenue from your books.
We have devised three plans and we hope that you will find one that suits your needs and helps you to decide to breathe new life into your story.

We love stories, but more than that, we love bringing stories to life.
Something magical will happen.


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Author Packages

The Whole Hog

Submit your book and dependent on the length, complexity and needs for the recording of the episodes we will give you a price for the complete production of the book and series.

You will retain complete control of your audio files and can distribute them how you please.

If you wish to promote and sell your series on our platform we will give you 80{c6df8c3197708e6fc923ca4f0195d299f817c68e73fa7f64ad03794fdd78e29e} of all revenue from any sale on the platform.

The Inbetweeny

Submit your book and enter into a revenue-sharing option. We will still produce your series and give all our production input.

We will make your series available on our platform and help you promote your series. The cost of the production of your series will be reduced by 40{c6df8c3197708e6fc923ca4f0195d299f817c68e73fa7f64ad03794fdd78e29e} and your series will remain available on our platform for sale for 12 months. We will share the revenue of the sales with you on a 50/50 basis.

You may after 1 year continue to sell your series on the platform or we will return the audio files to you.

Keep it Simple

Submit your book and we will produce the audio series for you at a reduction of 60{c6df8c3197708e6fc923ca4f0195d299f817c68e73fa7f64ad03794fdd78e29e} of the cost.

Your book will remain on sale on our platform for a 24-month period and we will share the revenue of any sales with you at a 75/25 per cent split, where you retain 25{c6df8c3197708e6fc923ca4f0195d299f817c68e73fa7f64ad03794fdd78e29e} of all sales.

Now is the time – Create a unique version of your book. Bring it to life like never before

Ever wanted to really bring your book to life?
Contact us and get more info on how we can create something magical and build a whole new audience for you.

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