Sci-Fi with Behear’s Dramatised Audiobooks

Discover the Universe of Sci-Fi with Behear’s Dramatised Audiobooks

Welcome to a captivating collection of Sci-Fi dramatised audiobooks from Behear, where each story takes you on an extraordinary adventure across time and space, told through rich, full-cast performances that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Let’s explore these fantastical universes together.

Elji & The Galrass, The Essence Sagas

Meet Elji, a boy from a small village outside the bustling city of Mehem, who stumbles upon a powerful artifact known as the “Galrass”. This mysterious object thrusts him into a cosmic conflict far beyond his wildest dreams. Under the guidance of Dregar, a being from another galaxy, Elji navigates new friendships, formidable foes, and the threat of darkness looming over his world. Will Elji rise to the occasion and save his world from falling into despair? Dive into his story here.

The Cosmic Footlights, The Dramatised Audiobook

In a galaxy where acting is banned and reality shows dominate, a daring group of performers fights to keep traditional theatre alive. ‘The Cosmic Footlights’ follows this brave troupe as they journey across the stars to bring drama and laughter to worlds starved of genuine entertainment. Join them in their quest to preserve the art of performance here.

The Lightwatch Chronicles, The Dramatised Audiobook

Imagine a universe where the battle between light and darkness could determine the very fabric of reality. ‘The Lightwatch Chronicles’ blends elements of space opera and cyberpunk, following the Quarta, four young warriors who must adapt to life on Earth after their homeworld is decimated by demonic forces. Disguised as a boy band, they face the challenge of saving the universe without revealing their true identities. Their saga begins here.

Through Time & The Stars

Daisy, a young Victorian street urchin, never expected her life to change when she stole what she thought was a mere trinket. Instead, she finds herself in possession of a time machine, catapulting her into a universe of living spacecraft and bizarre aliens. With villains on her trail and her little sister’s future at stake, Daisy’s story is a thrilling ride through the complexities of time and space. Start this adventure here.

Each of these audiobooks promises not just a story, but an experience, replete with the thrills and excitement that only Sci-Fi can offer. Whether you’re new to the genre or a devout fan, Behear’s dramatised audiobooks offer something unique for everyone. So, why wait? Explore these extraordinary worlds today and let your imagination soar!