The best sci-fi audiobooks of 2023

In the world of science fiction, the allure of a well-narrated audiobook is unparalleled. Behear Dramatised Audiobooks stands out in this genre, transforming traditional storytelling into an enthralling auditory experience. As an audiobook author, I can attest to the magic that dramatised audiobooks bring to each tale. They are not just narrations; they are vivid portrayals that breathe life into every word. Let’s explore some of the best sci-fi audiobook series of the year, each a testament to the power of dramatised storytelling.


The Essence Sagas: Elji & The Galrass

A Tale of Universal Power and Intrigue In “Elji & The Galrass,” we are introduced to Elji, a young boy whose discovery of the Galrass sets him on an unexpected path. This tool, known only to those who understand its true power, becomes the pivot of a narrative that spans galaxies. The dramatisation of this book makes every moment of Elji’s journey feel real as if the listeners themselves are part of this cosmic adventure. LISTEN NOW


Father Of Storms

A Mind-Bending Battle Across Time “Father Of Storms” takes us on a journey over a millennium, where Seth, born to an ordinary life, discovers his extraordinary ability to control energy. The dramatisation here is key, turning a complex narrative into an accessible and gripping tale. It’s not just a story; it’s an auditory spectacle, where the battles and struggles of Seth are felt rather than just heard. LISTEN NOW


The Cosmic Footlights

Reviving Theatre in a Galaxy of Reality Shows “The Cosmic Footlights” offers a refreshing twist on sci-fi. In a universe where live theatre is a forgotten art, a troupe of actors dares to defy the norm. The dramatisation brings out the humour and pathos of this narrative, making it a delightful listen. The energy of live performances is captured beautifully, making it a standout in the sci-fi genre. LISTEN NOW

The Light Watch Chronicles

A Fusion of Space Opera and Cyberpunk “The Light Watch Chronicles” merges different sci-fi sub-genres to create a unique experience. The story of the Quarta, young warriors in a galactic war, is elevated through dramatisation. Each character is given a voice that embodies their personality, enhancing the listener’s connection to the story. The sound design, combining elements of space opera and cyberpunk, adds an extra layer of immersion. LISTEN NOW


Through Time & The Stars

A Victorian Adventure Across Time and Space “Through Time & The Stars” takes us on a thrilling ride with a Victorian street urchin who accidentally steals a time machine. The screenplay format of this series brought to life through dramatisation, offers a cinematic experience. The cliffhanger ending leaves listeners eagerly awaiting the next instalment, a hallmark of a good audiobook series. LISTEN NOW


The Art of Dramatisation

Dramatised audiobooks offer an experience that traditional audiobooks cannot. They combine voice acting, sound effects, and music to create a rich tapestry of sound. Each character is given a distinct voice, making the story more engaging and easier to follow. The soundscapes created for these books are not mere backgrounds; they are integral parts of the storytelling, enhancing the atmosphere and setting the tone.

Why Choose Dramatised Audiobooks?

Choosing a dramatised audiobook is choosing a comprehensive auditory experience. It’s akin to watching a film with your ears. The best sci-fi audiobooks, especially those in a series, offer a continuity of experience that traditional books or audiobooks might lack. They keep the listener hooked, making them a part of the story rather than just an observer.

In 2023, the best sci-fi audiobooks are not just about good stories; they are about how these stories are told. Dramatisation adds a new dimension to audiobooks, making them more accessible and engaging. Behear Dramatised Audiobooks understands this and delivers experiences that are not just heard but felt and lived. Whether you’re a long-time fan of sci-fi or just dipping your toes into the genre, these dramatised series are sure to captivate and entertain.