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Episode 17 of “The Light Watch Chronicles” Released!

In a fantastically creative fusion of space opera, the Golden Age Elysium, and Earth-bound cyberpunk settings, four young warriors called the Quarta begin their journey in a Special Forces military academy.

Yet after the terrifying surprise attack of the Shadow demons that destroyed their homeworld, the scattered Quarta are forced to flee to Earth and the seeming safety of Tokyo, Japan.

Here, the remaining three comrades blend into society as an undercover boy band, while mounting a desperate search for their missing battle brother.

Episode 17

The future, the past and the present begin to unwind for the Quarta

Season 1 – Episode 6 of “Blood Roots” Now Available!

Andi Carmichael an Ex MI5-agent and investigator gets a call from her old boss about the discovery of a dead girl and the voices start inside her head.

With the help of her friend Jules a cousin to the royal family. They discover a connection to a US-based Tech Company and rumours of sect-like occurrences.

Episode 6

Jules introduces Andi to Peter and they go to meet Edwardo.

Behear Nominated for YorkMix Best New Business 2023 Award!

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