Magic of Dramatised Audiobooks

Exploring the Magic of Dramatised Audiobooks: A Guide for Authors Seeking New Horizons

Ever envisaged your written words transforming into an enthralling audio experience? At Behear Audiobooks, we specialise in converting your literary creations into dramatised audiobooks, offering your tales a new life and reaching audiences worldwide in a captivating format.

What is a Dramatised Audiobook?

Dramatised audiobooks are not merely narrated stories; they are akin to audio movies. Each character in your story is given a unique voice by a professional artist. We blend these voices with music and sound effects to create a vivid, immersive experience, releasing your story in episodic format. Think of it as Netflix but for your ears.

Why Choose Behear?

  1. Award-Winning Production: At Behear, we pride ourselves on our award-winning audio production capabilities. With over 100 voice artists and a state-of-the-art audio studio, our team is dedicated to bringing your story to life with the highest quality.

  2. Wide Reach: Your story will be published across over 50 platforms, reaching millions of listeners globally. This exposure maximises the potential audience for your book, creating new opportunities for engagement and revenue.

  3. Flexible Control: You maintain complete control over your audio files and have the freedom to distribute them as you please.

Our Packages and Pricing

  1. Complete Production: The cost varies based on the length and complexity of your book. You retain full control of your audio files and receive 80% of all revenue from sales on our platform.

  2. Revenue-Sharing Options: Opt for reduced production costs (by up to 60%) in exchange for a shared revenue model. Your book will be available for sale on our platform for a set period, after which the audio files can be returned to you.

  3. Enhancing Existing Audiobooks: Already have an audiobook? We can revitalise it by adding new voices, music, and sound effects, and release it in a dramatised format.

Financing Options

We understand that financial flexibility is crucial. Hence, we offer various payment options, including:

  1. The Whole Hog: 25% deposit followed by 10 equal monthly payments.
  2. The Inbetweeny: Similar deposit and payment structure, tailored to your budget.
  3. The Stretch: 50% deposit with 10 equal monthly payments.

Join Us on This Auditory Adventure

Embark on this exciting journey to breathe new life into your stories. Contact us at Behear Audiobooks to explore how we can collaborate to create something truly magical with your book. For further information or to discuss your project, please reach out to us at:

We eagerly await the opportunity to turn your written words into an enthralling auditory experience. Let’s create something extraordinary together!